The term Shinnyo denotes both Buddhahood (spiritual awakening) and the nature of reality; en refers to a boundless garden or vast open space.  A Shinnyo Center is a place for people to discover and develop the Buddha, or awakened nature, within themselves through inspiration derived from altruistic and contemplative practice.

In today’s society, everyday life is often filled with various challenges and distractions that prevent us from finding happiness and fulfillment. Our minds may often become cluttered with anxiety and disappointment, and sometimes even anger.

What if we could experience the same tranquility and inner peace experienced by monks in a remote mountain monastery through meditative practice?  What if the uniqueness of our everyday lives could become the training ground for cultivating self-awareness and lasting happiness?  If we could learn to apply the principles of lovingkindness, compassion and harmony to the challenges in our lives, there would be no limit to what we could achieve.

The Shinnyo Center is a place for serene meditation, reflection and community life, tucked away amidst the busy streets of Midtown Manhattan. People from all backgrounds and walks of life are welcomed here. In the nurturing environment of the Shinnyo Center, our hearts can open to the beauty that surrounds us and we can begin to feel more gratitude and joy – the first steps on the path to spiritual awakening. Stop in for even a few minutes to relax, learn to meditate, offer a prayer for a loved one or simply let go in a peaceful atmosphere.

Meditation can be a source of self-awareness that brings you closer to understanding your path in this world and finding your true self. Everybody has the potential to experience true happiness and live in harmony with those around us.

We offer various opportunities for meditation and other services, designed to empower each individual to pursue a path of personal growth based on his or her own unique needs and experiences.